Hi! I'm Saskia. I care about empowering people by engaging communities, designing experiences, curating resources, telling stories, facilitating connections, and building relationships. I work at the intersection of education, design, and technology, focusing on large and small scale creative learning experiences.

Previously, I worked as the Outreach Manager at the Scratch Foundation, supporting creative computing with Scratch at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab. I've also been an educator, learning experience designer, graphic designer, facilitator, and program manager. I have an M.Ed. From the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Technology, Innovation, and Education. I also like writing. And tacos.

I currently live and work in the Bay Area, consulting with creative learning, creative coding, and STEAM organizations & companies on learning experiences, resources, and strategy. You can find me on the internets as @sleggss: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, & Pinterest  // or by email below. If you're into creative learning, computational tinkering, maker education, constructionism, edtech, digital media, adventures, interior design, ALL THE FOODS, Queen Bey, or all of the above, say hi!

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