Creative Coding PD WORKSHOP / CCPD

Creative coding is a playful, collaborative, and open-ended approach to exploring and creating with digital tools. In partnership with Wonderful Idea Co. (WICO), I co-crafted a creative coding professional development workshop with WICO c0-founder Ryan Jenkins that supports a friendly, approachable introduction to tinkering with code combined with real world materials.

With so much emphasis on coding and computer science, we wanted to explore what these ideas look like an a creative context. What does it mean to play, experiment, and create with code? How might educators, facilitators, and artists bring these ideas into their practice? In our workshop, participants explored these ideas together through creating, collaborating, and reflecting with materials and tools like Scratch, Microsoft Make Code, micro:bit, and Chibitronics.


CCPD @ brightworks annex

Our inaugural 2-day workshop hosted 15 educators from schools, museums, libraries, and maker spaces.

Read a detailed recap of the workshop weekend on the WICO blog or explore interviews we conducted with creative coders like Ricarose Roque, Nettrice Gaskins, and Paulina Haduong.

Videos by Ryan Jenkins // photos by Ryan Jenkins & Saskia Leggett

Videos by Ryan Jenkins // photos by Ryan Jenkins & Saskia Leggett