Hi! I'm Saskia.

I care about supporting people with creativity, technology, and education. I do this by creating learning experiences, engaging communities, managing programs, designing strategy, curating resources, telling stories, facilitating connections, and building relationships.

I currently work as an independent consultant and advocate, focusing on creative learning, creative computing, family engagement, and digital literacy. This means I get to work with awesome folks and speak about things I care about, including current and recent collaborations with, Creative Communities at CU Boulder, Girls Who Code, The Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium, the Creative Learning Company, Google, MIT, and Harvard University. I also lead creative coding workshops with the design studio Wonderful Idea Co., facilitate culturally-responsive workshops with the nonprofit organization Techbridge Girls, and am a Mozilla Open Leader and a Board Member at the nonprofit Mission Bit.

Previously, I led education and learning at Anki, an AI robotics startup in the Bay Area, and also served as the Outreach Manager at the Scratch Foundation, supporting creative computing with Scratch at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab. I have an M.Ed. From the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Technology, Innovation, and Education.

I’m a believer in lifelong, hands-on, playful learning, a defender of equity & inclusion, and a seeker of magic in the everyday. I’m also a strong advocate for uplifting women & girls (of all definitions) — especially in education and tech — by equipping them with the tools, experience, and mentorship they need to invent their futures.

My preferred pronouns are she, her, & hers.

You can find me on the internets as @sleggss: Twitter, LinkedIn, & Pinterest  // or by email below. If you dig creativity, learning with your hands, playful experiences, tacos, and/or all things Beyoncé, say hi!

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