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Saskia Leggett's headshot

Hi! I'm Saskia.

I care about supporting people to be creators (rather than consumers) with creativity, technology, and education. I do this by creating playful learning experiences, engaging communities, designing programs, building relationships, advising on strategy, curating resources, telling stories, and facilitating connections.


I’m currently the Education Lead at Wix Education, designing personally meaningful learning experiences, creating community, and building playful, equitable pathways for students, educators, and families to explore, experiment, and create with digital tools.


When I’m not doing these things, I’m usually finding ways to collaborate with creative friends and play around with making, tinkering, and facilitation.


::deep breath:: Previously, I’ve worked as an independent consultant and advocate, focusing on creative learning, making & tinkering, creative computing, family engagement, and digital literacy. I’ve also led creative coding workshops with the design studio Wonderful Idea Co., facilitated culturally responsive workshops with Techbridge Girls, and was a Research Affiliate with the Creative Communities group at CU Boulder, working with the Family Creative Learning program.


Before moving to California, I served as the Outreach Manager at the Scratch Foundation, supporting creative computing with Scratch at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group of the MIT Media Lab. I have an M.Ed. From the Harvard Graduate School of Education in Technology, Innovation, and Education. ::whew!::


I’m a believer in lifelong, hands-on, playful learning, a defender of equity and inclusion, and a seeker of magic in the everyday. More than anything, I want to create pathways for all learners to become change agents, to express themselves creatively, and to invent new possibilities for  themselves and their communities in service of a more just and equitable future. This requires actively working to question, highlight, and dismantle oppressive systems that stand in the way of our reimagined future.

I’m interested in in-between spaces — places where disparate ideas overlap and curious folks connect, and I’m obsessed with the magic that happens when people gather to make, explore, and tinker with things they care about together.

I’ll take any opportunity to dress up in a onesie and will never say no to cheese. 😉

My pronouns are she, her, & hers.

Green Leaves

➡️ 👩🏻‍💻 ✨

You can find me on the internets as @sleggss or via message to the right. If you dig creativity, learning about tech with your hands, playful experiences, and/or all things Beyoncé, say hi!

SAY HI! 👋👋

Thanks, new friend!

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